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Masterplanning services assist in realising the full potential of a site, whether it be a small-scale residential site or large scale major urban expansion. 

Our approach commences with a comprehensive desktop study, review of planning policy, site assessment and stakeholder engagement. 

Using the results of the preliminary desktop studies and field work initial layouts and zoning plans are prepared. These are then tested and developed to form a final masterplan with an accompanying vision document. Our strong artistic style greatly assists in the selling and marketing of the site. 

Creativity and functionality are integral to developing the masterplan.  Our success is a result of careful consideration of the physical, environmental, and planning constraints in relation to the brief, along with appreciation of stakeholder aspirations, and the aesthetic composition.

DRaW are experienced in preparing masterplans for;

  • Major mixed-use developments.
  • Small to large scale residential developments.
  • Holiday parks and cabin developments.
  • Site restoration projects.
  • Urban expansion sites.